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Green Policy Statement

Wherever possible, St. Stephen’s Capital Limited supports telecommuting and encourages Staff and Associates to use public transport and/or co-share transportation in order to reduce carbon footprint and  improve the environment.

Please consider other alternatives carefully and the effect on the environment before printing any correspondence. This planet Earth is under your care.

What Is Green Business?

A “green” business strives to have a positive impact on the environment and community. It develops and practices business strategies that go beyond regulation and demonstrate commitment to a healthy and sustainable future. A green business adopts principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for its customers and employees.

The Value of Being Green

Going “green” makes sound business sense. Natural resources are becoming more scarce and costly, while customers, employees and investors are increasingly environmentally conscious.

Customers admire green business practices and the demand for environmentally-friendly products and/or services is high and rising. According to a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in January 2009, the trend towards buying green continues. More consumers purchased green products in 2008 than in 2007, and more consumers were willing to pay a higher price for green products if they were considered to be of higher quality.

Going “green” can be cost-effective too. Even at the most basic level, programmes that reduce, reuse and recycle frequently lead to cost savings. Environmentally-conscious business practices help attract and retain the employees by increasing employee satisfaction and pride in the workplace. According to the Workplace Insight survey released by Adecco: “American workers are paying growing attention to companies’ environmental policies and an increasing number report that they would be more inclined to work for “green” companies.” A recent poll on green employment by Monster found that 80% of young professionals are interested in securing a job that has a positive impact on the environment, and 92% would be more inclined to work for a company that is environmentally-friendly. Engagement programmes that empower employees by giving them easy ways to support causes they care about, such as the EarthShare workplace giving programme, are also proven morale boosters.

Green business strategies signal reduced business risks and progressive business practices. As investors and partners become more knowledgeable about “green” strategies that improve the bottom line, climate-responsive business practices are becoming the norm.

Community involvement is also an important cornerstone for many companies; and green practices enhance public image, community relations and goodwill.

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